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Spousal Support

Spousal support is determined according to several factors, including the employment income of each spouse during the marriage, the marriage duration, age, physical health and the career potential of each party.

Spousal support may be awarded if it’s determined that one party:

  • Requires financial support and/or;
  • Suffered an economic disadvantage during the marriage.

Child Support

Every child is entitled to receive financial support from both parents in the event of divorce or separation — it’s the child’s right.

A parent needs to pay child support if the child resides with the other parent more than 60% of the time, or if one parent’s income is higher than the other. Step-parents may also be ordered to pay BC child support upon separation.

Monthly child support pays for daily costs of food, shelter and other basics.

Federal child support calculator.

Extraordinary Expenses

Parents can also be responsible for other special and extraordinary expenses, such as nanny and daycare, classes, tutoring, sports, medical and dental expenses and post-secondary education.

Special and extraordinary expenses are normally shared based on the proportionate incomes of the parents.

Parents can also apply to change or cancel child support obligations in certain situations, for instance, if they become disabled, lose their job, or start a new family.

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