Parental Alienation

Protect the Wellbeing of You and Your Child

Parental Alienation Lawyer

Parental alienation is when one parent vilifies the other, consciously or unconsciously, to extent that the same negative behaviour is adopted by the child toward their parent. It can lead to the child not wanting to be with one of the parents.

Courts have begun recognizing the destructive impact parental alienation can have on children, as well as the parents who are targeted.

If a child displays behaviour consistent with parental alienation,  do not delay in obtaining legal advice.

What your lawyer can do for you:

  • Send a demand letter to the ex partner asking them to stop the alienating behavior.
  • Ensure that your parenting time with the child is not interrupted.
  • Make an application to the court presenting the situation to a judge.
  • Asking a judge to order a stop to the negative behavior in front of your child.
  • Asking a judge to order that your parenting time continue.

Undermining the kids’ relationship with the other parent, even unintentionally, damages children’s emotional and psychological well-being and is contrary to the Family Law Act. While spouses may not stay together forever, parents are forever.

Parental Alienation Should Not Be Tolerated

If you think you or your child may be a victim of parental alienation, please contact us so we can protect the wellbeing of you and your child.

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