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"In the past I have found talking to a lawyer an intimidating experience. Talking to Andrea was easy and she listened!"

- Robyn W.New Westminster, B.C.

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ACE Legal provides effective and affordable solutions to your Family Law and Immigration Law matters. Our friendly lawyers will help guide you clearly, with care. Call us or email us to book a free 15 minute consultation.  30 minute and 60 minute consultations are available for a fee of $100 for a 30 minute consultation and $150.00 for a 60 minute consultation.

What people are saying

On a personal note: “Her talking about her own aging parents, she has a mother with Alzheimer’s disease, helped me in knowing that I am not alone in my concerns about my own aging parents. Talking with Andrea helped me make the decision to take some time off to stay with my aging parents.”

Judith W., Vancouver, B.C.

“Andrea helped me with a challenging family law matter. She acted quickly, with compassion and kindness she guided me through a difficult court proceeding. Most importantly, the court proceeding had a successful outcome resulting in the quality of my life being vastly improved.”

Sandra E., Surrey, B.C.